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After dating for 11 years and 14 days, TVB actress, Grace Wong (王君馨) who is best known in her role as Fa Man in the drama A Fist Within Four Walls, finally tied the knot with boyfriend, Daniel Chang. Recalling how they encountered each other, Grace said, “It was at a cafe. I was the waitress and he was my customer. After our first meeting he went to check my shift schedule. Since then, he’d come to the cafe everyday and just sit there, pretending like he’s reading. He tipped me a lot! I could tell he was very nervous when he first approached me to chat. Every time we think back to that moment, we smile.” The wedding ceremony was intimate and her best Hong Kong celebrity friends such as Linda Chung, Leanne Li, Janice Vidal and Hiromi Wada all attended as her bridesmaids. ‘They were very sweet and prepared a 10 minute sharing (speech) - and even a rap for me and my husband,” Grace revealed. “I’m so happy. The period where we dated for 11 years, 11 months and 14 days is now behind us. As of today, I am Mrs Chang, see you all on July 11 (where I’ll be holding a wedding banquet in Hong Kong), I’m truly so blessed." Read on to see more of her New York wedding details below!

Daniel Tam Photography 1

Daniel Tam Photography 3

Daniel Tam Photography 4

Daniel Tam Photography 5

Daniel Tam Photography 6

Daniel Tam Photography 7

Daniel Tam Photography 8

Daniel Tam Photography 9

Wedding Photography: For the big day and for their pre-wedding photoshoot, they hired Daniel Tam Photography and Spike Li Film to capture their wonderful wedding. As for the dress, Wong wore an awe-inspiring gown with a long train from Cindyalan, all of which showcased her sexy and slender figure.

Daniel Tam Photography 10

Daniel Tam Photography 11

Daniel Tam Photography 12

Daniel Tam Photography 13

Daniel Tam Photography 14

Daniel Tam Photography 16

Daniel Tam Photography 17

Daniel Tam Photography 18

FB Cindyalan 1

FB Cindyalan 2

Photo Credit: Daniel Tam Photography, Facebook @Cindyalan

Venue: With a breathtaking ocean view as the backdrop in their New York wedding, their ceremony was held under an elegant white tent. The couple and their guests then ended the night dancing away in a ballroom banquet! The couple will hold their second wedding for friends in Hong Kong next month.

FB JamieLeeHair 2

FB JamieLeeHair 3

FB JamieLeeHair 4

FB JamieLeeHair 5

FB JamieLeeHair 7

IG ellen hwang 1

FB JamieLeeHair 8

FB JamieLeeHair 9

FB JamieLeeHair 12

Oriental Daily 1

Photo Credit: Facebook @JamieLeeHair, Instagram @elenhwang, Oriental Daily

Wedding Dress: The couple followed the traditions of a Chinese tea ceremony in the morning and Wong dressed in a hundred thousand dollar cheongsam custom made by Koon Nam Wah. The gleaming embroidery details in gold and silver palette brought out a beautiful, glamorous look. For the wedding ceremony, she walked down the aisle in a lace bridal gown created by Hong Kong designer, Marco M Chan. Constructed with flattering embroidery details, a fitted-skirt silhouette and a V-neck design, this piece accentuated an alluring and ethereal feel. The detachable overskirt feature even allowed the bride to change to another look without any hassle, letting her dance the night away! 

FB JamieLeeHair 11FB JamieLeeHair 6


Oriental Daily 2

Oriental Daily 3

Photo Credit: Facebook @JamieLeeHair, Instagram @ellenhwang, Oriental Daily

Makeup & Hair: Her natural yet flawless makeup and hairdo was perfect for the intimate nuptial, all put together by makeup artist, Stephen Lau and hair stylist, Jamie Lee - both of them have worked with various celebrities beforehand.



Photo Credit: Facebook @JamieLeeHair, Instagram @ellenhwang, Oriental Daily

Bridal Accessories: Wong paired her gorgeous wedding dress with a pair of bold bejeweled earrings from her own brand, Dearest Grace. Crafted from Swarovski crystals and pearl elements, this striking pair instantly glammed up her bridal look. Each bridesmaid was also lucky enough to receive a pretty choker from the bride as a gift!

accessories Weibo 王君馨GraceWong 3Weibo 王君馨GraceWong 2accessories FB DearestGrace 1

Weibo 李亞男LL 1

Weibo 李亞男LL 2

Weibo 李亞男LL 3

Weibo 李亞男LL 4

Photo Credit: Weibo @李亞男, Weibo @王君馨GraceWong, Instagram @therivergirl, Oriental Daily 

Wedding Stationery: Wong invited a Korean illustrator, HJ-Story to design the front cover of their wedding invitations -which have their names and a lovely illustration of the couple.

IG elicit4tography 1

IGgwgurlie86 4

IG ellen

FB JamieLeeHair 1

Photo Credit: Instagram @gwgurlie86, Instagram @ellenhwang, Oriental Daily, Facebook @JamieLeeHair

Wedding Cakes: A set of Chinese bridal cakes from Kee Wah Bakery were given to guests to share the joy of a happy union. The combination of auspicious red boxes with graphics from HJ-Story brought out an extra bit of happiness and a unique personal touch.

FB JamieLeeHair 10

Photo Credit: Instagram @JamieLeeHair

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