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Your honeymoon is supposed to be a relaxing and stress-free getaway, but sometimes planning the trip can be almost as stressful as planning the wedding! However, having a customized itinerary developed for you by an expert travel company can take the hassle out of planning the trip and also ensure that you and your new husband have the best possible time on your trip. Not every travel agency offers this service, but there are ones that do have years of experience in creating a completely personalized honeymoon. We talked to experts at these types of travel agencies about what it’s like to use their services versus having to plan your own honeymoon. Here's 8 things we found out:

Lightfoot Travel Four Seasons Tented Camp Thailand

Photo Credit: Lightfoot Travel (Four Seasons Tented Camp, Thailand)

1. The trip is completely tailor-made for your preferences as a couple

Every single couple is unique and has different taste in travel and leisure activities. A generic honeymoon package might be fun, but it won’t cater to all of your needs the way a customized itinerary will! “When someone enquires with us, they are allocated to a travel designer who takes care of their travel needs,” says Lucy Jackson, Co-founder of Lightfoot Travel. “We work with them to work out what they are looking for and what they want in their honeymoon, and our staff will arrange the destination, property, and everything else.” Once the basics are planned out, the travel designers will plan the honeymoon itinerary according to what the couple wants to see and do on their honeymoon.

Jacada Travel The Vines Resort Spa Mendoza

Photo Credit: Jacada Travel (The Vines Resort Spa, Mendoza)

2. You can allocate more time to plan your wedding

Travel planning can get very time-consuming- especially when you have to plan a wedding at the same time! These agencies will make all of the bookings for you, arrange your entire schedule, and create a detailed itinerary with details about the culture and other important information about your destination. It is important to contact the agency and start the planning process 3 to 6 months before your trip so you can get the best deals. Starting early will also save you time and energy that you can spend that time on your wedding planning.

Lightfoot Travel Song Saa Cambodia

Photo Credit: Lightfoot Travel (Song Saa, Cambodia)

3. You will be guided by travel experts from different walks of life

Both Lightfoot and Jacada ensure that you will be lead by experienced and helpful travel guides during your trip. “Our dedicated travel designers have all lived or spent a considerable amount of time in the destination they specialize in,"  says Alex Malcolm, founder of Jacada Travel. "Our selection of hand-picked local guides are the best in their field and have come from varied interesting backgrounds including journalism, law, finance, amongst others, prior to joining the industry, which makes for exciting and genuinely passionate guides with an added value experience."  Traveling with this type of travel expert will allow you to get first-hand advice on everything from people who have lived in the area for years, and they also can be your translator to help eliminate the language barrier. 

Jacada Travel Widlife Tanzania 1

Photo Credit: Jacada Travel (Widlife, Tanzania)

4. The agency makes sure your trip goes seamlessly, and can make any changes for you

Your trip will be constantly monitored by the agency, according to Jackson, and there will be people on standby for any changes that need to be made. If you need to change a flight or hotel reservation, if something gets cancelled and needs to be rebooked, or if there are extenuating circumstances such as weather, the travel agents will resolve the problem quickly. 

Jacada Travellers Ninoy and Fiona Photographer Einar Óli Matthiasson 2

Photo Credit: Jacada Travellers - Ninoy and Fiona (By Photographer - Einar Óli Matthiasson)

5. They work with photographers and videographers to capture special moments

If you so choose, these agencies will provide you with photo and video professionals to help capture this very special trip. If you want to get a “weddingmoon” in before your big day, you can even get your pre-wedding photos taken during your travels! The agencies have contacts around the world or you can bring your own photographer and/or videographer on the trip.  “Upon request, Jacada Travel can arrange professional photographers and videographers during the trip, capturing precious moments which will be treasured forever,” says Malcolm.

Jacada Travellers Ninoy and Fiona Photographer Einar Óli Matthiasson 1

Photo Credit: Jacada Travellers - Ninoy and Fiona (By Photographer - Einar Óli Matthiasson)

6. They’ll ensure that you’re truly enjoying your honeymoon

The travel agencies will check back with you periodically during the trip to make sure everything is to your liking. “[Once they get back from the trip], we might actually have a follow up so we can learn more about it and gather as much information about the guests as possible,” says Jackson. " With our extensive network on the ground, guests of Jacada Travel will benefit from a seamless journey knowing that they will be looked after throughout their trip," says Malcolm. “We also conduct timely reviews of the hotels, guides and activities at each destination to ensure they reach our standards which is why client feedback is valued.”

Jacada Travellers Ninoy and Fiona Photographer Einar Óli Matthiasson 4

Photo Credit: Jacada Travellers - Ninoy and Fiona (By Photographer - Einar Óli Matthiasson)

7. The trips are reasonably priced

While one might assume it would be more expensive to use a customized itinerary than to book everything yourself, you can actually save money by going through an agency. The prices of trips vary widely depending on where you are going and what you are doing, and you actually may get cheaper prices because you won’t have to pay many of the hidden fees that airlines and hotel companies have.  “We create tailor-made luxury trips and authentic experiences, allowing guests to enjoy their time fully maximised against their pace and personal travel preferences”, says Malcolm.

Jacada Travel Credit Legendary Serengeti Camp Tanzania

Photo Credit: Jacada Travel (Legendary Serengeti Camp, Tanzania)

8. The trip will exceed your expectations!

Travel agencies that create tailor-made itineraries for our honeymoon offer trips that span every corner of the globe, and you may find yourself going somewhere you hadn’t even considered before! They will take your ideas and preferences and use their connections to create a one-of-a-kind experience that will blow you away. 

Jadaca Travel Zambia Victoria Falls

Photo Credit: Jacada Travel (Victoria Falls, Zambia)