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Pulling off that mismatched bridesmaids squad can be much harder than you think. There’s so much to think about - the colors, the styles, the accessories - so that’s why we sat down with Love, Bonito, a popular clothing store in Southeast Asia, to talk about how exactly to perfect the mismatched bridesmaids look! Read the full interview below:

Asia Wedding Network (AWN): “For a bride who knows nothing about styling but wants to get that mismatched bridesmaids look, how can she go about it?"

Love Bonito (LB): “For brides who want to experiment with the mismatched bridesmaid look, don’t worry because it’s so much easier than it seems! Firstly, figure out what is the colour scheme you want your bridesmaid to be in. We have 9 different colour options to choose from - Blush, Lilac, Navy, Dusty Pink, Dusty Blue, Maroon, Sage, Wisteria and White. Secondly, based on the colour scheme you want, get your bridesmaids to choose their favourite look based on the colour of our website. This can help you understand who in your #bridetribe is open to wearing dresses/separates/jumpsuits. Allowing your bridesmaid to choose their outfits gives them the option to choose pieces they’re comfortable in (some girls prefer sleeved items while others prefer to wear pants). Lastly, based on the items your #bridetribe have chosen, take a picture of your tribe to see if they have a cohesive look (you can tag us the photo you’ve taken @lovebonito and @iwearlovebonito).”

AWN: “So it seems you can do mismatched colors and same styles, or mismatched styles but same colors. Which one do you recommend and why?”

LB: “Personally, I would choose the option of having my bridesmaids be in a variety of different styles but the same colours. Because everyone is unique in their own way and have different body types, allowing your bridesmaid to be choose a style suitable for their body type allows them to express confidence in their outfit.”

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AWN: “How about mismatched colors and mismatched styles? Is this even allowed?!”

LB: “Of course, mismatched colour and mismatches styles are all allowed. Fashion is about having fun, allowing yourself to be free to express your style! Here’s a great way you can dress up in mismatched colours and styles: Stick to a certain colour theme and find suitable silhouettes according to the different body types your bridesmaid have.

  • Dreamy and Ethereal: Choose Lilac and Dusty Blue
  • Romantic Opulence: Choose Navy and Maroon
  • Whimsical: Choose Wisteria and Dusty Blue
  • Garden Party: Choose Sage and Lilac”

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AWN: “Those seem like such beautiful styles! So what are some things brides should watch out for when going for the mismatched bridesmaids' style look and what can they do to avoid these things?”

LB: “Brides should take note of the different types of dress/jumpsuit/pants length amongst their #bridetribe. Here’s an example, if all the girls are wearing midi dresses but one of the bridesmaids is wearing a maxi length dress, she will definitely stand out. It’s good to keep the length of the garments in mind.”

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AWN: “Adding a jumpsuit look into the mix - do you recommend it or should you stay away from it when doing the mismatched look? Or should you do an all jump-suit look when deciding to add jumpsuits into the full look?"

LB: “Jumpsuits are a great streamlined option if you don't feel like wearing a dress. We offer a variety of jumpsuit that will accommodate different body types. Women who are bottom heavy can opt for jumpsuits with wide-leg pants (for e.g. Cisphenia Flutter Strap Jumpsuit) to elongate their frame. Some petite girls are worried that choosing a jumpsuit will overwhelm them, but the jumpsuit can easily be altered to match your height! One thing I will mention is that if you only have one bridesmaid wearing a jumpsuit compared to the other girls in midi dresses, she will definitely stand out - so get another bridesmaid to rock a separates look (top and pants).”

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AWN: “How about accessories? With different looks and different colors, should the accessories stay the same or should they look different?" 

LB: “Accessories are a great way to elevate your look and I certainly do recommend everyone to accessorise. However, accessorising is really up to an individual - some girls like to keep their look minimal so they will choose to style their look with delicate necklaces or earrings, while some girls tend to be more expressive with their accessories so they choose bold earrings or a statement headscarf to add their personality in their bridesmaid clothes.”


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