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When your bridesmaids live in different countries, naturally it’s going to be harder to sort out the bridesmaids dresses. Not only will it be slightly harder to try on dresses all together or go shopping together, but it’s going to be a bit more difficult to get their measurements. However, we’ve got 11 little tricks to make this process so much more easier. Read below:

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1. Look for a bridesmaid dress without a zipper

Zippered clothes can cause a lot of trouble for your bridesmaids when you don’t know their exact size. They cannot be adjusted unlike those dresses without zippers and made of elastic fabric material, allowing for a more flexible fit. If your bridesmaids all live abroad, look for bridesmaids dresses made of spandex, knits, spandex blends, stretch lace, cotton poplin stretch, and rayon knit.

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2. Opt for a convertible infinity multi-wrap dress

These dresses are literally the best thing if your bridesmaids live far, far away. You can never go wrong with an infinity multi-wrap dress for your bridesmaids. Whether they’re plus A size or petite, this dress can do a lot of magic. There are many ways to modify the dress in such a way that it can fit in your girl’s body. If length is the issue, a simple trip to the tailor will do. The convertible infinity multi-wrap dress designs will never go out of style and your girls can wear them even after the wedding!

PRO TIP: Get your bridesmaids regular size like small, medium, large or extra-large, and then just order that size. It’s going to be roughly similar to their regular size - plus there’s so much flexibility that you almost can’t go wrong.

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3. Get their measurements

Let your girls go to a professional seamstress and have their body measured. Get the measurement via email and find dresses from there. There’s a lot of custom made dresses sold online that can be made very well if the right measurements are given. The trick here is to make sure that your girl’s body shapes won’t change right before the big day.

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4. Look for dresses with a corsage back

Corsage back dresses are great for bridesmaids when you’re scared that you can get rough measurements but not their exact measurements. Not only will they look beautiful, they can easily be adjusted and fit perfectly on your bridesmaids.

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5. Find dresses that are versatile

Aside from wrap and back corsage dresses, you can seek out designs that will never go out of style and are easily altered by the local dressmakers near where your bridesmaids live. Simple maxis are flexible with any fabric and can be fitted to any body shape and height of your girls.

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6. Order dresses in bulk to get a better price

Not only is it a good idea that you order the dresses of your bridesmaids at the same time, so that the colors are exactly the same (some colors are very popular and can be easily out of stock), but you can usually get a better deal. After you receive the dresses, send them to where they live earlier, so there is enough time to alter the dresses when needed.what to do bridesmaids dress overseas abroad out of town 8

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7. Follow up with your bridesmaids!

Once the dresses have reached their destinations, let your girls update you on how they feel about them. Ask your girls to send you a photo or video of them wearing the bridesmaids dress. Just in case the dresses need alterations, urge them to have them fixed as soon as possible and remind them to take care of the dresses before the big day!