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With each wedding gown handcrafted in their Barcelona Atelier, YolanCris is internationally known for their delicate details and high quality craftsmanship. Founded by two sisters, Yolanda and Cristina Perez, the brand boasts a history of 11 years and is worn by celebrities around the world. The latest collection features cut-out wedding dresses, a trend that comes directly from the ready to wear bridal world and is suitable for brides who want to show some skin in a subtle way. Today, we interview the two creative brains behind YolanCris, Yolanda and Cristina, as they talk to us about the latest bridal trends, dressing Asian celebrities, and more! Read the full interview below. 

YolanCris The Designers

Asia Wedding Network's Michelle Yuan: Yolanda and Cristina, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us about your gorgeous bridal designs! Having just launched your new Fall/Winter 2016 Couture Collection at Hotel Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, Suite Cornaline III during Paris Fashion Week, our first question is, how was it!

Yolanda & Cristina: It was an exclusive trunk show for our best clients. The collection had a great acceptance in general. We were extremely happy!

YolanCris 2016 Fall Winter Wedding Dress ALCALA WITH LACE BLOUSE FRANCOLI

Michelle: What was the inspiration behind this collection?

Yolanda & Cristina: This new couture fashion collection aw2016 is divided into 2 different lines. One line is entirely inspired by the 70’s fashion and glamour reviewed with a vanguard idea of the future. Fabrics such as as black velvet, feather coats, floral silk embroideries were used. We have created another line of evening gowns, especially for red carpet stylings and inspired by the beginning of the 80’s. The bizarre andeccentric parties of that time, Blondie (Singer), the loss of innocence and the punk style, are some of the concepts expressed through the collection. They were two contrasted inspirations, with couture fashion as the common thread that runs both lines.

YolanCris 2016 Fall Winter Wedding Dress ATOCHA DRASSANES

Michelle: You've dressed Asian celebrities such as Leanne Li and Nancy Wu. What would you say you do differently when dressing women in this part of the world?

Yolanda & Cristina: We feel a true connection with them. The way they understand our couture fashion and also worldwide fashion is very similar to our understanding. They are very smart and stylish women, but they don’t get stuck on one style. They do risk a lot on the red carpet, they feel the need to be an inspiration, to make dreams come true through fashionable outfits. They know how to innovate, how to shine with colors, dare with volumes- they are definitely our favourite stars!

YolanCris Celebrity Nancy Wu Leanne Li

Michelle: Your latest 2016 bridal trend, cut-outs, appear in your bridal collection, Orchid 2016. We've seen this trend on catwalks and red carpets all over the world- it's sexy and sophisticated and shows skin in a sophisticated way. How would you advise brides in Asia, who might have more conservative families, to wear this trend on their big day?

Yolanda & Cristina: If a bride falls in love with a cut-out wedding dress and she feels that trend might be an inconvenience for her more conservative family, we can bespoke that design and cover the cut-outs! We are a couture fashion-house and we can tailor-made each dress for each client. Most of the gowns have a box-neckline- and the word 'sexy' doesn’t ruin the dress, a cut-out is not a symbol of an indecorous or improper outfit. We photograph our dresses without lining to highlight the drawing lace, but of course, Yolan Cris dresses are not transparent- it is an artistic way of showing the dress, but not exactly what the bride will wear when she marries. We encourage future brides-to-be to be themselves on their wedding day. A bride dreams about her wedding day ever since she was a child, so she should wear what she really wants to wear without trying to please her family or the groom’s family.

YolanCris 2016 Fall Winter Wedding Dress FELIU BAILEN

Michelle: With that said, are there any particular gowns from your current collection (or from previous collections) that you would particularly recommend brides in Asia to wear? Why is that?

Yolanda & Cristina: We think that our Romantic lace collection will be a perfect match for Asian brides. This collection has the most beautiful fabrics, very delicate sleekly overlapping lace, and handmade flowers. We also introduced colorful flowers in blue, mauves, green shades, etc. For brides-to-be that are in love with jewelled embroidery, we recommend them to take a look at our Orchid Couture line. It features a detailed handwork made of ivory pearls, brilliants, and more volumes in skirts.

YolanCris 2016 Fall Winter Wedding Dress BESALU CARTAGENA

Michelle: As designers, you sisters are known for your quality European fabrics- whether it's French Chantilly lace, Italian Guipure lace or Spanish handmade crochet. Would you say that high quality craftsmanship is becoming a rarity? If so, why and what can we do about it?

Yolanda & Cristina: Lately, we have noticed that brides prefer more personal attention, a new trend that's returning to couture. The way that the planet is getting destroyed by consumerism makes society more aware of the environment and sustainable design. We believe there is a clear trend of moving from fast-fashion to low-fashion, increasing in quality. Women now prefer a couture garment that's shown more times, but they know they’re wearing quality and craftmanship fashion rather than a low quality woven garment.

YolanCris 2016 Fall Winter Wedding Dress LEIVA FLUVIA

Michelle: Have you been in Asia before? If so where and what was your favorite memory? (If not, where would you want to go and why!)

Yolanda & Cristina: We have been to Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. We will never forget the seabed of the Andaman Sea and diving in Ko Tao, it was unforgettable! Japan is a very special country- our Tokyo visit was very impressive, and we also visited a Little town called Nikkō that was very charming. We really enjoyed the unique Japanese nature and temples.

YolanCris 2016 Fall Winter Wedding Dress BADIA VALLESPIR

Michelle: Last question! Where can brides find your wedding gowns in Asia at this moment?

Yolanda & Cristina: We have stockists in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

See below for the Asia Wedding Network vendors who currently carry YolanCris wedding gowns.

YolanCris 2016 Fall Winter Wedding Dress VILLADOMAT ALCALA AND WEDDING CAPELET


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