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The thought of parting with your gown might and selling your wedding dress online sounds completely terrifying. What if your future daughter wants to wear it at her wedding? What if you want to preserve your wedding dress as a keepsake? While these are all sweet and sentimental reasons to hold onto your preowned wedding gown, there’s a surprising number of reasons brides are choosing to sell their dresses after the big day. It’s a way to earn back some money, save up on space, and help another bride in need. If you are considering selling your preloved gown but don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We’re going to explain to you how to sell your used wedding dress in Hong Kong: 

How do you sell your wedding dress? 

Selling your used wedding dress online at the Asia Wedding Network is incredibly easy and affordable. There’s several steps to follow to get your wedding gown posted and sold through the website. First you’ll need to create and verify an account on our platform. Once you establish your profile you can create your posting. You have to upload at least one photo to activate your online wedding dress listing, but remember: the more pictures you post, the more likely your bridal gown will be sold! You want to catch the eye of shopping brides. 

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How much will it cost you?

Selling your preowned wedding dress online will only cost you 156 Hong Kong Dollars to list your dress on our platform - but best of all, it’s only a one time fee! This fee is to make sure that quality of the gowns are top notch. Also, there’s no commission when selling your used wedding dress. So whatever you sell your bridal gown for, you get to keep! You will get to decide how much to list your wedidng gown for online and you can type in the price accordingly. You’ll want to consider how old the gown design is, how much you originally paid for it and if alterations were made. A potential buyer might ask you to take a lower offer, that decision would be up to you - it’s your preloved gown, after all! One little tip: When you create your account using your email, potential buyers will use that email to contact you about the listing so be sure to use an email that you frequently check! You can read our full FAQ on selling your wedding dress online by clicking here

How do you get paid?

Once a buyer has agreed to buy your wedding gown (yay!), you can accept payments through PayPal, Alipay or Escrow.com. We don’t suggest that you accept cheques or money orders unless you have met your potential buyer in person and reached an agreement about how to transact your wedding gown onlineIt could take a while to sell your dress depending on the size, designer and style. But once you pay the wedding dress listing fee, your wedding dress will stay on our platform until it is purchased. Being very descriptive and posting a lot of pictures will help you sell the wedding gown faster. You’ll want to make sure the potential has all the information she needs to purchase that gown on out platform. If the buyer is not happy with the gown, as the seller, the decision is your whether you want to accept refunds or not. You’ll need to consider the method of payment too when thinking about returns. 

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So why would you want to sell your preloved gown?

There’s a lot of benefits of selling your wedding dress online in Hong Kong. Probably one of the most important benefit is helping another bride in need. You can cherish the memories of your special day while allowing another woman to have her dream gown!

Make the money back

If you’ve  spent thousands on a designer gown, it’s also a chance to earn back some of that money by selling your wedding dress after you used it on your wedding day. Use the money on your honeymoon or maybe some new furniture in your new home!

Clear up space 

Have you and your new husband looked into a minimalist approach in your new home? A preserved gown is going to take up a lot of closet space. To keep the wedding dress intact, you can’t just store it like you store your regular clothes. Properly storing the wedding dress will take up a lot of space and effort. If you don’t think the gown will get worn again, what’s the point of allowing it to take up space? Chances are, if you have a daughter, she won’t want to wear an outdated (or out-of-fashion) gown. Don’t get upset at the thought - think about it from her point of view, would you have wanted to wear your mother’s wedding gown? 

Make another bride’s dream come true

Selling your used gown in Hong Kong also gives another bride an opportunity to have her dream wedding gown. Some brides might have a smaller budget than you and can’t exactly shell out thousands for a designer gown. Selling your used wedding gown gives brides an opportunity to get some beautiful dresses at discounted prices. You could be making another bride’s dream come true! 

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Last thoughts

Keep in mind, if you don’t sell your gown in Hong Kong soon after the wedding, the style will fade and it might be more difficult to sell. However, if you chose a more timeless gown, you might get away with it. But for trendy styles of gowns, you’ll need to act fast while there is still glowing demand for your wedding gown. Selling your used dress in Hong Kong has plenty of benefits and you don’t want to miss out on anything. If you do sell your used gown in Hong Kong, you’ll still have your memories and pictures from one of the most important days of your life. You don’t exactly need a physical piece of clothing as a memento of your day, do you? You will have plenty of reminders of your wedding. Clear out the space and start listing your dress now!