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Some brides want to lose weight, some brides want to tone up, and some brides just want to feel fresh and fulfilled. No matter what your goals are, we’ve got a list of 9 of the hottest up and coming workouts to try in 2017. There’s no excuse to not keep up with your resolutions - especially when you have a wedding coming up!

1. Barre
A barre class is a mixture of yoga, pilates, and dance. Barre allows you to dance and have fun while still getting a great wedding workout in. When taking a barre class, you’ll use mini hand weights and kettle bells to sculpt certain muscles and your core. This will workout will be especially beneficial for those looking to wear tighter wedding gowns.

9 of the Hottest Wedding Workouts to Try in 2017 1

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

2. Physique 57
Physique 57 is a barre-based class that also includes cardio, stretching, and weight lifting. It’s considered an even more intense wedding workout than just barre. The first class will leave you aching, but women who take this class say they see results very quickly. Physique 57 is especially useful for those who are working on a shorter timeline.

9 of the Hottest Wedding Workouts to Try in 2017 2

Photo Credit: Instagram@physique57bkk

3. Lyon’s den
Lyon’s den is a form of hot yoga. If you’ve never heard of hot yoga, it’s where a room is heated through steam and other warming methods. Yogis produce more of a sweat and get a better workout. On top of that, Lyon’s den yoga focuses on strength and core training. This class will leave brides feeling very refreshed and accomplished at the end of the day.

9 of the Hottest Wedding Workouts to Try in 2017 3

Photo Credit: Instagram@lyonsdenpy

4. PXT
If you’re looking to burn a ton of calories, PXT it is. It’s a 60 minute workout that is mixed with yoga, high intensity cardio levels, calisthenics, and core movements. You’ll warm up with yoga and then jump right into the cardio. It’s an intense wedding workout, but many brides see quick results, helping them to lose quite a bit of weight before their big day.

9 of the Hottest Wedding Workouts to Try in 2017 4

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

5. Core fusion extreme
This workout even sounds extreme. In 60 minutes, you’ll totally work out your core. It’s similar to barre but more intense: You move through different power stations where you’ll do intense cardio. You’ll have resting stations, and then cool down with stretches. Trust us, this wedding workout will make you sweat, which is perfect for those looking to really lose fat before their big day.

9 of the Hottest Wedding Workouts to Try in 2017 5

Photo Credit: Instagram@exhalespa

6. Prana power yoga
Do you already consider yourself a yogi? If so, Prana power yoga is another form of hot yoga but with more intense movements. You’ll also workout to modern music rather than the silence or calmer music in normal yoga classes. You’ll sweat while moving your entire body (and core) to the music. It’s a great work out for brides who are a bit bored with yoga and want to add a bit more cardio to their wedding yoga workouts.

9 of the Hottest Wedding Workouts to Try in 2017 6

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

7. Precision running
Did you know you can easily pump up your run? In precision running, you’ll still workout on a treadmill. But you’ll continuously change the speed and incline to burn even more calories and tone. Your legs will be like jelly after this workout. This workout is perfect for brides who love to run to lose weight - only precision running will help you burn fat more effectively for your wedding day.

9 of the Hottest Wedding Workouts to Try in 2017 7

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

8. AKT
If you like to dance, AKT is the workout for you. It’s an interval dance based class that combines cardio and flexibility intervals. Tons of celebrities enjoy AKT, including talk show host Kelly Ripa, who has been raving about it recently. If you get bored easily during workouts, check out AKT as your new wedding workout.

9 of the Hottest Wedding Workouts to Try in 2017 8

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

9. SLT
Wedding workouts with acronyms seem to be thing, no? SLT, or strengthen, lengthen, and tone is a 50 minute workout that includes cardio, pilates and strength training. If you want a perfect butt for a mermaid cut wedding dress, then you need to check out SLT ASAP.

9 of the Hottest Wedding Workouts to Try in 2017 9

Photo Credit: Instagram@sltnyc

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