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Have you booked your manicurist for the big day? You can’t ignore you nails during your wedding! All of your guests will ask to see your new rings so your nails must be in pristine condition. Your wedding theme, venue, and even season will surely influence your nail designs. Here we present you with a list of 11 stunning bridal nail designs that will surely inspire your bridal manicure:

1. Classic with a touch of bling
This design is perfect if you are looking for a nude, subtle look with a little bling! The nail beds are painted with a gorgeous nude color, then clear extensions are placed with a little bling around the tip of the nail. It’s a classic design with a little pop of creativity.

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 1

Photo Credit: Instagram@popcoat

2. Simple yet chic
Are you planning a classic black and white wedding? This simplistic design for sure swoon worthy! The nail beds are painted with a matte white shade and the bottom nail is outlined in black while the top is outlined in silver. It’s a simple yet chic design for the classier bridal manicure.

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 2

Photo Credit: Instagram@jinsoon

3. Metallics
Are you using metallics in your accent colors? This wedding nail design offers some subtle shine to your fingertips. The nails are painted a gorgeous, muted nude and flakes of gold metallics are placed along the nail. At first, it looks like a classic bridal manicure. But take a second glance and notice the beautiful shades of gold.

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 8

Photo Credit: Instagram@paintboxnails

4. Minimalist designs
This look is another subtle and classic wedding nail design. It’s a great look for minimalist brides! Half of the nail is painted in a pure white and a thin white circle traces the rest of the nail. It’s a simple look that will surely complete your bridal attire.

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 4

Photo Credit: Instagram@tymym5

5. Gold and glam
Maybe subtle isn’t your thing. This design offers incredible pops of gold right at your fingertips. Each nail features a different design with a different finish. This includes a matte gold, a metallic gold, and of course, glitter. No matter what color palette you’ve decided, gold is a perfect option for your wedding manicure.

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 6

Photo Credit: Instagram@nail_unistella

6. Earthy tones
How about some earthy tones for your bridal nails? Take a look at this natural design. The nails are painted light blue and pale pink, with earthy strokes. The nails almost look like precious stones found in the earth. Gold accents really set off the look!

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 5

Photo Credit: Instagram@stellalala_u

7. Red florals
Shades of red are considered a staple in the world of manicurists. This design features a french manicure with red tips. There’s also two accent nails that offer a romantic and soft floral design. Another accent nail features a small gem on the curve of the french manicure. It’s a romantic and soft option for more colorful brides.

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 7

Photo Credit: Instagram@murakaminail

8. Marble
Marble is a classy, neutral, and fabulous design. This wedding nail look features an accent nail of a classic marble design. Other nails are painted in different shades of pale pink and the other shades of pink also feature different finishes, including a matte and metallic nail.

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 12

Photo Credit: Instagram@carovilina

9. Gold and white designs
Who says you have to keep a uniform look? This design has several different accent nails with different patterns painted in white or gold. Several nails feature just a white coat with a simple gem attached. After wedding guests notice your ring, they’ll definitely notice the bridal manicure!

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 10

Photo Credit: Instagram@bellaelysium

10. Classic red
There’s nothing like a red manicure. This design features white accents paired with gems on top of a glittery red base. It’s a perfect wedding manicure for winter or fall brides.

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 9

Photo Credit: Instagram@ n.flowerr

11. Winter glam
Winter designs don’t have to feature reds, greens, and blues. This gorgeous design features grays, light pinks, and even a white accent nail that details a cable knit sweater! There’s even pearls attached to several accent nails. It’s a classic and pure design for any winter bride.

Bridal Nail Designs Nail Art Wedding Nails Bridal Manicure 11

Photo Credit: Instagram@babyboy_mom

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