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Sometimes, planning a wedding can be so stressful that you neglect the thing that’s most important - your relationship with your partner! The last thing you want right before your wedding is to feel disconnected from the person that you love and care for the most. Taking a little time out of your busy wedding planning schedule to reconnect is not as hard as it may seem at first, and here’s a few ways you can do that!

1. Run your wedding errands together

Even if you are so busy that you don’t have time for a date night, you can still find things to do together instead of separately. If you have to pick up flowers, or go to an appointment with the cake decorator, you can go together! Not only will it give you some time together, but it will make sure you both have equal input about the wedding.

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 2. Find ways to laugh

When things are feeling stressful, remind each other of your favorite inside jokes, or watch a funny movie or TV show together that you both love. You will be feeling better in no time. 

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3. Surprise each other!

Everyone loves to come home after a long day and see that their fiancé has made them food, or bought them a little something they’ve been wanting for a while. You don’t need to do anything extravagant or spend lots of money, either -  even a small surprise will brighten both of your days.

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4. Keep your communication open

It’s easy to get so distracted by wedding planning that you forget to actually talk to your fiancé! Make sure you two are having regular conversations, even if it’s not about the wedding, just to keep things feeling as normal as possible. 

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5. Do something you both love

You probably have at least one shared hobby, so take schedule an hour or two to just do it together, whether it be hiking, eating out, watching movies, whatever! It will really help you de-stress and feel better.

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6. Say thank you

If your fiancé does something kind or helpful, make sure you let him know how much you appreciate it. When we get stressed out, sometimes we forget to let others know just how amazing they are.

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7. Stay positive

When things get tough, remind yourself that you’re doing this because you love each other and you are happy to be getting married! Positive attitudes are infectious as well, so if your fiancé is feeling down, you will probably be able to cheer him up just by being your wonderful bright and cheery self.

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8. Take a pre wedding trip

Whether it’s to the other side of the world, or just half an hour down the road, going somewhere new with your fiancé will be exciting and can inject some much needed life back into your relationship when you are feeling stressed.

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9. Watch a romantic movie

It sounds cheesy, but doing something romantic will remind you of exactly why you fell in love in the first place, and make you believe in it’s importance.

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10. Get physical

After all, kissing and sex have been scientifically proven to make you feel happier! So take an hour out of your days to just be with each other.

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11. Do something you’ve never done before

Maybe there’s a new cuisine you want to try, or a workout you’ve never done before. Doing something new and exciting together can really remind you two of how fun your relationship was when it was new and exciting as well, and bring some of the spark back!

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12. Listen to their concerns

You are probably so stressed out with the wedding planning that you may forget to ask your significant other about their day, or more specifically, what’s stressing them out. Venting can be a really good way to feel better, so make sure you’re available to listen to your partner.

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13. Say “I love you” when they don’t expect it

It will feel more spontaneous and genuine to interject it into a random conversation, and it will probably really make their day better. Even if you think you say it often, it never hurts to say it again!

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14. Enjoy the quietness together

Sometimes, your fiancé may just want to enjoy some peace and quiet during the stress of wedding planning. So just sit down and be silent in the same space together. It will be very peaceful and help you both clear your heads.


15. Go out with friends outside the wedding party

Arranging to bring your fiancé to a social gathering that’s not wedding related will feel like a fun and casual date, and it will give you both an opportunity to let loose and have fun!

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16. Play hooky and sleep in

It won’t kill you to miss a day of work, right? You and your fiancé will feel much less stressed after a good night’s sleep, and it will give you lots of quality alone time as well. Playing hooky with each other will also remind you that your relationship is the most important thing- not work!

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17. Make some plans for after the wedding

The end is near, so take the time to plan your honeymoon together, or at least something else fun that you can do to relax when it’s all over. It will give you something to look forward to after all this wedding planning stress! 

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Photos from the pre-wedding photo shoot of Aston & Victoria. Congratulations to the lovely couple! 

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