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Whether you’re looking for free planning checklists for a destination wedding, Chinese banquet, intimate wedding, etc, you’ll really want a checklist that covers the specific type of wedding that you’re planning. If you are diving head first into wedding planning without hiring a professional, it’s important to remain organized throughout the process. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a wedding in two years or two months, it’s important to keep track of your vendors, details and contact information. Checklists are especially important if you are planning an overseas wedding. There’s tons of options for you online when it comes to wedding checklists, but we’ve got the best available! Read below for a guide to using our wedding planning checklists to keep organized and not miss one detail!

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Getting started

If you don’t have an account with Asia Wedding Network, you’ll need to register. All you have to do is enter your name and email address. Our platform will send you a confirmation email, and once you confirm, you’re good to go! Once you have an account, you can get started on your free wedding planning checklist. You’ll need to select your timeframe for wedding planning, and then choose between the following options; traditional Chinese customers, church ceremony, destination wedding and Chinese banquet. 

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Consider the details 

Once you’ve selected your type of ceremony and your timeline, a personalized wedding checklist will appear. These checklists can range from a simple wedding planning checklist to a wedding planning checklist for Chinese wedding. This Chinese wedding customs checklist will keep you informed and up to date on all the traditions that need to be performed throughout your wedding planning period. Regardless of your choices, the checklist includes tasks like choosing a date and time, determining your bridal party, searching and hiring vendors and dress shopping. It’s simple, once you finish your task, check it off. You’ll find that it feels amazing to cross off your free wedding planning checklist! Plus the list autosaves, so all of your progress is constantly up to date. 

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Check the list often

Your specialized free wedding checklist will have detailed tasks for you to complete during your wedding planning period. But just in case the lists aren’t detailed enough, you can add your own tasks to the list. All you have to do is select the time frame you wish to add the task. Type your task into the bar and then click on the “+ item” button. Then your task will be added! It’s another item for you to scratch off on your printable wedding checklist. 

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Follow up after the wedding

This might sound shocking, but there’s even a few tasks to complete after the wedding! You’ll need to send off thank you notes after you return from your honeymoon. And the best part about our free wedding planning checklist is that you can easily print them out and keep them inside your wedding planning notebook! It’s easy to stay informed on the run and keep your sanity while planning the most important day of your life.