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Planning an epic and creative proposal can be stressful! Many women don’t understand the pressure many guys are under while preparing to ask the most important question of their lives. Not only do they want the moment to be special but they want it to be memorable. While there’s nothing wrong with classic proposals like asking after a romantic dinner, some men want to step up their game a bit. If you are stressing over creating a perfect proposal, take a look at our list of 21 creative proposal ideas.

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1. Go skydiving

Talk about extreme! If you and your love are both into extreme sports, plan a romantic yet epic skydiving proposal. You can jump off the plane together and when you land, arrange yourself on one knee. Just make sure the ring is secured before jumping!

2. Scavenger hunts

Take an afternoon to plan a cute and adorable scavenger hunt. Have her start where you two had your first kiss or date. Leave notes and prizes along certain locations that have meaning to you both. Meet her at the end with her biggest prize, her engagement ring!

3. Keep it in the kitchen

Plan a romantic meal inside your kitchen. Place the ring inside a carton of eggs or any other random place that she’ll notice as she’s gathering ingredients. As she notices, drop to your knee. It’s a great, adorable option for those who love to cook together.

4. Plan a surprise trip

Take a weekend to plan a quick getaway. You can even plan an epic staycation in your nearest city. Play tourist, schedule romantic dinners and sightsee. When you find the right moment, drop down on your knee and propose.

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5. Involve your furry friends

If you two share a pet, use them in your proposal! You can attach the ring to a collar and have the pet approach your love. Not only is this adorable but it will lead to some creative and popular social media posts.

6. Pick up some chocolates

If your love has a sweet tooth then she’ll enjoy this. Pick up a box of chocolates and replace one chocolate with the ring. Chances are she’ll notice the ring before noticing a missing chocolate!

7. Rent the big screen

Many movie theaters will allow customers to pay for a commercial before the screening. Create a movie trailer styled proposal and have it air before seeing a movie. How could she say no?

8. Tour a winery

This is another romantic option that you can plan ahead of time. Schedule a tour alone and taste the wines. Towards the end of your tour find a romantic spot and ask the big question.

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9. Propose during the holidays

It’s a little cliche but you can get creative with your holiday proposal. Wrap the ring in several nesting boxes so she’s unwrapping gifts for awhile. It’s a fun and exciting way to propose. You can also do this in front of family or just between the two of you.

10. Middle of the night proposal

Sometimes you just can’t wait to pop the question! If your love is a heavy sleeper, slide the ring on her finger overnight. Wake her up early and say, “I just couldn’t wait. Will you marry me?” You could probably play it off as a dream for a bit too!

11. Get artsy

Hire a local artist to create a special work of art for your love. This can be a personal painting or even a mural! You’ll have this work of art for the rest of your lives.

12. Sing for her

If you’ve got a great voice (or are good with an instrument) serenade her! You can come up with an original song or play a song that has meaning to the two of you. At the end of the song, create a sweet monologue before popping the question.

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13. Take her ring shopping

If you are nervous about picking out her ring, take her with you! Plan a romantic afternoon and end at the jeweler. Allow her to pick out her ring and then propose inside the store! You can also call employees ahead of time to plan out the proposal.

14. Hit the trail

Do you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast? If you and your love enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors, plan an epic hike that ends with your proposal. You can hike along a gorgeous cliff or scenery and find a beautiful moment to propose.

15. See a fortune teller

This is one you might want to plan ahead! Let your fortune teller know your plans to propose and lend her props to create a memorable proposal. Your love doesn’t have to know it’s staged!

16. A night on the town

Surprise your love with a new outfit and a limo ride! Arrange for the limo to pick her up and take her to a romantic location. Wine and dine her all night, then pop the question during dessert.

17. Spa day

Plan out a relaxing spa day for your love. You can also join in with a massage! After she wraps up her day, whisk her out for a romantic dinner. You can pop the question towards the end of the night.

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18. Plan a beach proposal

Plan ahead for a romantic beach proposal. Write your names in the sand before you begin your walk, but make sure it’s not close enough to the tide! End your walk at this location and then propose.

19. Take advantage of the elements

Are you more of a spontaneous man? Take advantage of the weather in your proposal. Is it pouring rain? Stop everything that you’re doing and drop to your knee. Both rain and snow will provide some awesome proposal pictures.

20. Hire a videographer

Get together with a videographer and have him create a video that follows your entire relationship. Once it’s produced, show it to her and stand behind her with the ring.

21. Take the stage

Get in contact with her favorite musician and see if you can arrange a proposal on the stage of their next concert. Talk about epic!