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When a bride begins to plan her wedding, the focus is usually on the big elements like the venue, theme and color palette. But a bride can’t forget how important the small details are as well! These smaller decor and etiquette decisions can really add to the overall look and success of your theme, ultimately showing your guests how much work you put into your big day. Planning a wedding is overwhelming and you might not be thinking of these tiny details. But don’t worry - we’ve come up with a list, or cheatsheet if you will, of 21 tiny wedding details that will really WOW your guests at your wedding!

wedding details that wow

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1. Entrance

You’ll want to wow your guests the minute they walk inside the venue. Consider an elaborate entrance to make their jaw drop. This can include adding flowers to the door frame or even building an arch for your guests to walk through into the venue itself.

2. Aisle runners

A creative aisle runner will not only grab your guests attention but it’s also a way to personalize the venue. You can rent a runner that matches the color of your theme or even hire a calligrapher to write your favorite quotes on a stretch of paper.

3. Altar

All eyes will be on you and your significant other during the vows. But you’ll want to plan for a gorgeous altar not only to woo your guests but to add a beautiful backdrop for your pictures! You can get really creative here depending on your theme and venue. Florals are always a beautiful option.

4. Guest chairs

This will be another option depending on your theme and venue. Consider using unique chairs for your guests to sit on during the ceremony. This can include vintage chairs, chivari chairs, acrylic chairs, or even mismatched chairs and couches!

wedding chair details

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5. Aisle markers

You can use different types of materials to add extra details to your aisle seating. Use ribbon, flowers, lanterns and more to add more details to your ceremony space.

6. Offer handkerchiefs

Hopefully your guests are shedding happy tears during the ceremony. As guests walk into the venue, set up an area where they can pick up a handkerchief if needed. You can offer just plain white or pickup a certain pattern to match your theme and color palette. This can also work as a guest favor!

7. Guest programs

This is a great option for friends and family who might not be too familiar with your significant other’s guests. Outline the details of the ceremony, the bridal party and even some fun trivia about you and your partner.

wedding program details

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8. Cocktail hour

Cocktail hours are very trendy right now among brides. Plan to serve you and your partner’s favorite drinks and snacks during this time. You can get really creative with what you serve your guests.

9. Table assignments

When guests walk into the reception venue you’ll want to have a creative way for them to pick up their table assignments. Depending on your theme you can have fun with these assignments! Hire a calligrapher to write guest's names on a leaf or rock. It’s a beautiful way to add a touch of nature to your decor.

10. Table numbers

You’ll also want to get creative with table numbers. Consider adding fun pictures of you and your partner from different stages of your life. You could also incorporate your theme into your table numbers too.

wedding table number details

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11. Protect your guests

Are you having an outdoor reception? Consider a station that offers bug spray, sunscreen lotion and tissues. Depending on the season and location, your guests will thank you!

12. Lighting

Planning a nighttime reception? Lighting can make or break your reception’s flow and mood. You can add your color palette to the lighting and plan fun displays during the reception.

13. Photobooth

Photobooths are a trendy way to allow your guests to have fun and let them take home a souvenir from the big day! Guests can get creative with props and different backdrops inside the photobooth.

wedding details photobooth

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14. Menus

Your reception menu is another way to really wow your guests. There’s plenty of options, including serving your favorite foods and desserts or even bringing in your favorite snack foods towards the end of the party. You can even ask you wedding invitation designer to also design a customised wedding menu that matched your wedding theme and style!

15. Chair decor

If you’ve made special plans for ceremony seating, you can’t forget seating for the reception! Add chair covers or fun florals to reception seating for a pop of color.

16. Sweetheart table

Plan a certain area for both you and your partner to enjoy during the reception. You can add similar decorations as the other tables but make it your own as well. You can include cute “Mr. and Mrs.” signs on the backs of your chairs.

kids activities weddings

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17. Kids table

This will really impress your guests with kids. Plan a kids table filled with toys, crayons and coloring books. Not only will this keep the kids occupied during the reception but it will allow parents to really enjoy the party themselves.

18. Chandeliers

Are you wanting to get really fancy with your decor? Look into a chandelier that will hang directly into the entrance of the reception venue. It will really set the tone for your entire reception. Chandeliers could also be a great touch if you’re thinking of having a marquee wedding.

19. Dessert table

Everyone looks forward to cutting the cake! While the cake should be the center of attention you should also offer your other guests other options like macaroons, pies and donuts in a little dessert bar corner.

wedding cake sign details that wow

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20. A great playlist

DJ’s or live performers can really make a break the reception. Make sure to hire a great DJ that will have your guests dancing into the early hours of the morning.

21. Unforgettable favors

You don’t want your guests to leave empty handed. Plan out some incredible favors for them to take home, like snacks, personalized photos or extra cake.