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 Grooms, we all know that your wedding is a time to celebrate. But, depending on your groomsmen, celebrating without any organization could land you all in trouble with the bride. If you are concerned about keeping your groomsmen in line before and during your wedding and reception, we’ve got some great tips about how to stay in control of your wedding day. Here’s 11 of them:
1. Send your groomsmen a detailed itinerary
If you’ve been heavily involved with the planning process, you know that there are a ton of little details involved with the schedule. Do your groomsmen a favor and take the time to craft an itinerary. Once they know the timeline, you can assign them duties throughout the day. Make sure they are capable of getting their own ducks in a row, because you have enough to handle on your plate.

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2. Assign the right duties to the appropriate groomsmen
When it comes to assigning duties, it all boils down to common sense. If your best man is forgetful, trust someone else with the rings before the ceremony. If you have another groomsman who is more of a social butterfly, give him a job where he can truly shine. But, don’t feel as if you can assign a bunch of duties to one groomsmen because he’s reliable. Spread the love.

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3. Keep an eye on the booze
There’s nothing wrong with a few celebratory shots before the ceremony. But, don’t let your groomsmen get out of hand. Before, during or after the ceremony, keep the alcohol intake to a minimum. Even during the reception, letting everyone get drunk isn’t the best idea. Plus, you don’t want to get too drunk yourself. Don’t you want to be able to enjoy your wedding night? And if you hired a videographer, the drunken antics will always be remembered.

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4. Make sure your best man doesn’t shock the guests with his speech
We’ve all heard the horror stories. Your best man has one too many drinks during the reception, and tells a private and wild story. And now, your new family has heard some unsettling details. You don’t necessarily need to ask for a written script, but make sure you are both on the same page about what is appropriate during the speech.

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5. Be firm about any flirtations with the bridesmaids
There’s nothing worse than wedding day drama between the bridal party. If a hookup goes wrong between a groomsmen and a bridesmaid, it’s going to lead to some awkward moments throughout the wedding and reception. Be firm with your groomsmen about expectations between the bridal party. If one of your guys is looking for a quick fling, he shouldn’t be prowling at your wedding.

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6. Avoid any flings between the bridal party
We’re going to continue to focus on avoiding bridal party relations. We’re serious! If you are concerned about a womanizing groomsmen, pair him up with a married bridesmaid, or an older attendant. When you are planning out the ceremony with your bride, plan ahead for moments like this. You know your groomsmen. If this is a huge concern for you, make sure he won’t get cozy with the single ladies.

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7. Set ground rules for the bachelor party
Traditionally, you are allowed to completely loose your mind at your bachelor party. As the groom, it’s totally up to you for how you want to celebrate. But, if you are uncomfortable heading to a gentleman’s club or indulging in other activities, be forward with your best man and groomsmen. If you want to keep it simple and just enjoy each other’s company with a glass of bourbon, it’s your call.

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8. Figure out the tux situation
Usually, figuring out the bridesmaid dresses is a huge controversy. But what about your groomsmen? Did you decide on renting tuxes, or wearing suits? Usually if you are aiming for a more laid back ceremony, suits are the way to go. You might feel like asking your groomsmen to buy a suit is a lot, but it’s a good investment for them. Most likely, they could use a suit in their wardrobe.

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9. Make sure they understand the procession
The duties of a groomsmen is pretty cut and dry. Even if you feel like your guys are intelligent, make sure to be thorough during the rehearsal. Make sure that they understand what they’ll be doing before and during the ceremony. Make sure that they know who they will be escorting up the aisle after the I do’s. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions.

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10. Have someone in charge of keeping the bridal party in line
This rule can also be adjusted for the bridesmaids. If you are concerned about your bridal party drinking too heavily or not staying on top of their duties, trust a family member or reliable friend to help keep everybody in line. If you have a wedding planner or day of coordinator, this usually falls on this person’s daily checklist.

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11. Don’t let them get carried away with decorating
Traditionally, the groomsmen are in charge of decorating the getaway car. If you don’t want the car decked out with inflated condoms and profane writing, be upfront. Your bride could be embarrassed, along with your families. Lay down the law, and make sure they don’t go out of your comfort zone.

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